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Dear Parents / Carer

In order to comply with the latest government advice, we are compiling a list of the children who may require care over the coming weeks. These will be the children of key workers, please see list below:-

Health workers

Police Officers and other policing staff

Supermarket delivery drivers

Those caring for vulnerable and elderly people

Teachers and Nursery Nurses

Prison officers and other prison staff

Local authority planners


Connexions personal advisers

Ministry of defence personnel

Environmental health officers

Highways agency workers

Even if you fall into this category, it will be your choice if you wish to send your child to be cared for during this period. Health guidance remains the same including following self-isolation rules.

We would therefore ask that if you fall into this category that you contact us today. These are the questions we would ask you to consider before contacting us:-

Do you wish to send your child to school, and if so how many days?

If currently self-isolating, will children be back at school and on which date?

Which hours would you require?

We understand you may have some uncertainties about this time, however we appreciate any information you can provide us with. Please only call us if you are a key worker.

Kind Regards

Jack and jills preschool

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