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Jack and Jill's

A home from home; where children can learn in an environment where cuddles and laughter are plenty, where children feel safe and cared for; enabling them to learn, grow and develop friendships.
Mornings 9.15-12.15 


We are open mornings 5 days a week for children 1.5 years and over.  

We start our day in separate classes.  Jack's Class come through the front entrance into the small room (Under 3yrs).  They have the same staff in the small room each day.  Starting their day with a smaller number of children we find this helps the younger children to settle and develop their confidence before joining the rest of the Preschool.  Here, they keep their bags, coats and snacks.  The children have a formal registration where we encourage children to select their own name for the register.  We sing songs, count and do jolly phonics each morning. 

Jill's class (3 yrs plus) have a similar start to their day.  They come in through the side entrance of the building closest to the church and sit around tables in the hall ready for a formal registration and various activities- such as counting, counting songs, our morning song, jolly phonics, number, letter and shape recognition games and writing on whiteboards.

After our Registration session, both classes join together in  the hall  for an active dance session.  The doors are then open allowing free-flow play for all.  There are various activities and toys available, from malleable play with playdough, or water and boats, building equipment, lots of roleplay, instruments, dressing up, the book corner, sensory area and craft activities etc.  We try to have as many resources as possible readily available for the children to use independently, and change different areas to meet the needs and interests of our children. 

 Milk and water are available daily and children bring in fruit for their snack.  Snack time takes place in their separate classrooms, providing a calm and sociable time for children and staff to sit and talk while eating a healthy snack.  This is followed by open-flow play, tidying and then relaxing with singing, Yoga and Meditation at the end of the morning session.  Children exit the morning session from the entrance where they came in.

​Afternoons and Full Days 12.15-3pm or 9.15-3pm

We have afternoon sessions, or a whole day, following on from the morning session.  In the Afternoon the children enjoy talking and socialising with their friends, while having their healthy lunch, brought in from home.  The afternoon provides an opportunity for children to stay for a full day, preparing them for a similar day to what they will soon experience in school.  Children carry out various activities from painting and creating with junk craft to science activities and fun in the garden.  We complete the afternoon session with Jolly phonics, yoga and meditation.  On Wellness Wednesday, our afternoon session takes place outdoors, where we also have Spanish lessons and Forest School activities.  All children leave at the end of the day from the side entrance.

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