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World Autism Awareness Day

At Jack and Jills we are given the opportunity and pleasure to meet and share in the lives of you and your children. Every child we meet is different, have a different smile, character and special cheeky way, each see and experience the world a little differently, but we love them all. To say we accept all children does not even cut it. We love each little one, regardless of the needs and challenges your children, you and us face.

We will continue to fight for your child to receive the best start to life and the best chance to succeed and be happy on their transitioning journey into school.

I hope that one day our schools will become more inclusive, better meeting the needs of our children, and therefore I ask you today to come together, show others they are not alone.

Today we focus on sharing stories and providing opportunities to increase understanding and acceptance of those with autism x

Sending love and cuddles to all

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