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Toy rescue

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Have you seen a forgotten toy left out on the street?

Book a free toy rescue with Turn Around Toys!

We rescue and restore pre-loved toys to give back to the local community. We give toys that would otherwise be taken to landfill a second chance to make a child happy.

Toys are rescued, lovingly restored and made safe before they are ready to go to their new homes. We give childcare settings and other child-friendly groups operating in the London Borough of Bexley priority to adopt a toy.

You can use our online form to let us know about a toy that needs rescuing. It could be a toy left outside on the pavement or near bins, or a toy in your own home that needs some TLC before it is passed on.

Once toys are ready to go to their new homes, they will be added to our adoption catalogue.

While adopting a restored toy doesn't cost a penny, we would be very grateful for your support. Whether that is a financial contribution towards petrol, tools, spare parts, and cleaning products or volunteering your time to work with us.

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