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With many mentioning Ofsted yesterday I could not sleep a wink- it does not matter how hard we work Ofsted still always pose a scary thought to most! However, instead of double and triple checking my policies and endless paperwork - all I could think of was what experiences have we given the children that they have most enjoyed? What activities have amazed and inspired them? ‘Awe and Wonder’ - a term recently referred to by Ofsted- finally something I think we can relate to. At Preschool this week we have dedicated different boards in each class; displaying children’s daily work (1 board), displaying pictures and information based on their home experiences and learning; their ‘culture capital’ (board 2). You are their main educators and we could not call ourselves educators too, unless we first recognise the skills and experiences already embedded when they join us at preschool. Board 3 I am attaching learning and experiences they have experienced at preschool. This includes an ‘Awe and Wonder’ book of their most treasured moments we’ve captured on camera. However, to extend this further I am asking for your help. Can you please send me any ideas you may have about how we can create more ‘awe and wonder’ for your children - whether it be - giving them the opportunity to play in the mud (which may not be as useful at home), or reading with them more as it’s difficult to get the time at the end of a long day, to pet a reptile - any experiences you think your child would benefit from - no matter how big or small- please send them to me and we will do our best to ensure we give your children these experiences. If you wish to reply on here or privately both are fine. Thank you for your continued support. As always I look forward to working side by side to give your children every opportunity to learn, grow and flourish. To be happy and healthy 

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I hope everyone is having an amazing Easter xx see you all on Wednesday xx Reminder- we are closed for teachers training on Tuesday xx Enjoy the bank holiday xx

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