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While we are waiting for the government to find out if and when schools and nurseries will close. If you have chosen to self- isolate and stay at home, can you please message me and let me know so I can mark your child/children as an authorised absence in the register.

Cancelled stay and play.

Due to the current situation, we are regretfully having to cancel the parents stay and play morning on Friday. If you would like to talk to your child’s key worker please let me know and we will organise a time for you to come in or an emailed response. As soon as everything has calmed down we will immediately organise another day.


To prevent the spread of infection can you please wash your hands before coming into the preschool. We will be washing children’s hands once they have arrived and the doors have been closed. If your child can happily come into preschool by themselves, can you please drop them at the front door and we will ensure they get into their class safely. This is also good practice for the Train’s class which many will be transitioning into big school after the summer. Please do not bring in any toys from home to preschool.

Spring clean

We have begun and will be having a big push in cleaning all toys and furniture at Preschool to minimise any risk to our children and families.


Can I please remind all that if your child appears unwell with a temperature or cough that they can not come to preschool and will need to stay at home for 7 days. Please refrain from

Visiting elderly relatives or anyone with health problems at this time.

Thank you for your continued support x

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