• Anna Zeneli

Party week

£5 contribution required

Plan for a themed party week

Monday - Superhero themed party day

(you can dress as a superhero- you can make your own mask and cape, or if your child wants to dress up as something else- please let them, whatever makes them happy.

Tuesday - Colour themed day- dress in bright colours or a bright colour. Lots of crafts and large scale painting, colour everywhere xx

Wednesday - Pirate themed party and under the sea. Dress as a pirate or mermaid, a boat lol xx

Thursday - Farm themed party- lots of cooking, dancing, animals. You can dress as a farmer, animal or comfortable dress x

Friday - Euro Day- football player dress up, or come in traditional clothes from your country of origin. Lots of multicultural dancing, food and of course- football!!! Xx

Some children do not like to dress up- this is also fine! Xx each day the children will have party food that meets their dietary requirements. Please continue to bring a lunch if you child stays all day.

You are not required to bring in Snacks this last week! Xx

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