• Anna Zeneli

Our last day x

Thank you so much for all of our gifts and well wishes. This year has created a mixture of emotions for all, and I honestly can’t believe the school year is already over. We planned to do so much!

But even though time was taken away from us, I can only go away with a big smile on my face; although short we still got to see you grow that little bit more and develop even further, we had the opportunity to meet so many new little faces and every moment has been magical, thank you so much for giving us this opportunity with your little darlings and thank you so much for all of your ongoing support.

Best wishes for the future to all our little ones that are moving on to the next part of their journey, have a wonderful time in your new schools!!! We will miss you all so much!! To all of our little ones that will be returning in September- have an amazing summer! And to our new faces starting in September, we can’t wait for your jack and jills journey to begin x

We love you all, take care xxx

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