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Covid cases

I am sorry to say that we have had another member of staff that has received a positive result to Covid. To keep parents up to date we will be posting on here, the open Facebook group and website blog. If your child was in today or the last couple of days they may have come into close contact with someone with Covid. We are all testing daily (if not twice a day) and have been for some time now. We would advise regular testing at home, and ask for you to follow government guidelines and isolate if positive. Please let me know if any child gets a positive result.

Staff have been cleaning constantly and are wearing masks as much as possible, inside also!

Some of the Symptoms staff have shown are buzzing or itching ears, blocked nose, tired, achey, headache, minor cough, blocked throat, foggy head. Symptoms are not always the typical temperature and cough often spoken about in the media. Loosing sense of smell and taste can be a symptom, but not something staff have experienced so far I believe.

Testing your children is not nice. I must admit I am very thankful we can now do these at home instead of at a walk in centre etc. However, I would suggest testing before next week begins incase anyone becomes positive over the weekend.

We wish everyone well and are doing all we can to end this spike. We have been very lucky to till now and are working hard to get back to it!

Take care all

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