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Welcome back x At Preschool we want your children to learn while having fun. We plan activities based on what the children enjoy and also to develop their learning in an enjoyable way. Each half term we assess children in all areas of the Early years foundation stage - we will however, initially focus more on the Prime areas for a young child, or a child new to the setting. After collating all of our children’s assessments last half term- overall we have found that we are achieving well in expressive art and design, with literacy and personal social and emotional development following soon after. We have found that we need a greater push in physical development, communication and language and mathematics. Therefore this half term we will be concentrating on developing strong pencil grips and supporting parents with potty training; we will be carrying out further group work and 1-2-1 sessions to develop communication and language and carrying out focused maths activities. If you can also concentrate on these areas at home, this will aid your child’s development further. Picking up small objects, using cutlery, painting and moulding with play dough etc will all help develop strength in your child’s hands and fingers. Books can be used to develop vocabulary and to develop a child’s understanding, listening and concentration skills. Every moment you talk and listen to your child you are supporting your child’s learning. These are things you do every day Use steps to count as you walk up them, counting how many tins you have bought shopping, identifying numbers on buses or the shape of road signs, comparing sizes or amounts - using vocabulary such as ‘more’ of ‘less’. Maths is all around you. I thank you for your continued support x We finish this half term on 14th December. At Christmas you will receive reports showing your children’s levels based on what we have observed at school. 

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