• Anna Zeneli

Additional Hours funding for 3 year olds

Hello All,

If you would like to claim for up to 20 hours funding with us (monday, wednesday and thursday 9.15-12.15 and tuesday and friday 9.15-3pm) and your child is 3yrs plus 1 term or older (already in receipt of the original 3 year old - 15 hours funding) please apply to register for the additional hours at

you can use the additional hours with a registered childminder if you wish.

details you may need are :

name: jack and jill's Preschool

address: St peters church, pickford lane, bexleyheath, Kent da7 4qu,

Ofsted reference: EY466671

PLEASE NOTE- Each adult in the household must earn at least minimum wage for 16 hours per week.

You can also claim for Tax-Free childcare - where you would place money into a childcare account which the Government would then bump up your payments - helping you to pay for your childcare costs. Both of these schemes can be applied for using the link above.

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